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wtf0rz. *cries*

...Don't read this unless you want to be thoroughly grossed out.

um. I was actually planning on making a coherent entry here. Alas.

Going to Marquette Homecoming, w00.

Edit: Okay, I think I successfully edited that out of my brain forever. Or at least for a little while.

Lost owns my soul. I did not know of the existence of Ian Somerhalder until now. But. Well. Mmm. And itissoslashy, though can I really be trusted to judge that? I can slash just about anything. Anyway, the d00d with all the shrapnel and the doctor had so much UST. You may call it niceities and friendship, I call it UST. Yes.

I hate Shannon somuch. WAH I'M SO DISTURBED. Look, honey, if you're so disturbed, stop painting your nails and find a way to get off the island except for whining. If I was Boone, I would just... smack her. But I bet anything Sawyer's going to tap that ass.

Speaking of him. Call me insane, but I love him. I have this thing for those characters that piss off all the other ones and cause discord.

LSFJLJDLK I KNEW I SAW HIM SOMEWHERE. The weird old d00d? He was on X-Files! !!!

I have a growing obsession with Dom. This is unhealthy. I think the only way to counteract it is to A) find more pictures of Ian, or B) find more pictures of John Edwards. Who is 51. But I don't really care. He's pretty. Anyway, Dom's character... well, I don't want Shannon/Dom Charlie, because, just, no.

wtfz0rz, IMDB doesn't have the pregnant woman on there. That is just Not Right.

They finally put subtitles on the two Asian (I only say this because I'm not exactly sure where they're actually from) people. Slightly relieved, slightly disappointed. I was enjoying (but not too much) the thought that the guy was dirtytalking to her, or something. It made me giggle.

... Okay, you can stop staring now. And boys, don't get any ideas.

And the Fatman just rocks. Er, Hurley. I knew that. And what, Kate's some international thief? Anyway, if I was an international thief or whatever the fuck I'd be smart enough to get rid of the mugshot as quickly as I could.

Slightly disappointed that the handcuffs pointed to a criminal and not a kinkster. That would have been more interesting.

The doctor, Jack, is just annoying. He's a hero type and they annoy me because they're stupid, basically. They have this moral complex that says they should do this or that or what when it's really just wanting for glory. ...Possibly. I don't know. I think it's more that people love them blindly so much that bugs me.

Sayid made me happy from one of his first lines onward. Basically, he fought in Gulf War I. Hurley asks him what regiment he was in. He says he was fighting with the Iraqis. AGH. <333 I mean, what great timing for this show, that an Iraqi can be a great leader and HA all of the Americans really should follow this guy since he knows what he's talking about. Socool.

The ending of the last one with the black d00d and the black kid and the dog? Way too fluffy. The next episode is going to be dark as hell, I'm sure. Speaking of them, they're... realistic. Very. I like them, sort of, but they're more sad than gripping.

Also, WTF. Polar bears? Fucking polar bears? THAT HAS TO BE ONE BIG ASS MOTHERFUCKING POLAR BEAR.

...< / end rant>
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