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I exist.

Moliere sucked in my life and spat it out again. I have been triple-scheduled at times. And that, my darlings, is why it took so long for me to update.

Senior year is... hectic, yet entertaining, yet maddening. I never thought I'd get senioritis, but look at me go.

AHEM. Milwaukeeans, come to Opera Gala. I'm singing the Habanera from Carmen. You must come see. No, Opera isn't boring. And if I hear that once more I may have to hurt somebody. And it won't kill you to attend it. Yes, my schedule is as packed as yours, and I consider your things to be important as well, so I'd like for somebody to actually attend something of mine for once. But it's okay if you don't - after all, what does getting a solo with a damned chorus behind me matter? It's not a big deal or anything.

Seven-thirty at the Pius chapel, you know you want to. And even if you don't, it'd be a nice surprise.

I am dying of stress. It's not pleasant at all. I can't wait for February to be over. Miser is over on March... sixth, I think, and that's when I can finally take a breather.

I'm really rather exhausted.

Edit: More shameless self-promotion. I updated the Percy/Flint. Yay.
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