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cyanide blue

poisoned thoughts

your friendly neighborhood poison
28 October
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My writing journal is here. My fanfiction is here, here, here, and here. Not that it's any good, mind you.

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Date Created:2003-08-03
Number of Posts: 92

cyanide blue is a 17 year old, paranoid, bratty, spelling/grammar/punctuation obsessed fanfic writer, RPer, and cynic. Beware, she snarks without warning. She also sp34ks l33t.
Strengths: Cynicism, paranoia, wit (even if it's a little over a half)
Weaknesses: Pocky, organization, foot-in-mouth disorder
Special Skills: Extrasensory spelling/grammar/punctuation abilities, and of course, |V|4|) |_337 5|<1|_|_z
Weapons: Great stores of snark, skepticism, paranoia
Fandom: Ships a great amount of strange ships; Percy/Flint, Remus/James, Trio, Bellatrix/Lucius, and nearly every sort of Blackcest

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