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I exist.

I have less than 36 hours until my graduation.

I don't really know why I haven't written here. No, I know why. I've been whining and bitching enough offline to keep from doing it online, or at least, I get tired of hearing myself by the time I get on here. But I'm going to start writing in here again - mi summer iz pastede on yay - and try to reacquaint myself with the wonder that is LJ layout building.

Movie night tonight. Rather nice. I appreciated National Treasure, I've always loved A Night at the Roxbury ("EMILIO!"), and School of Rock was positively brilliant, though the inclusion of Adam Pascal and his band did not hurt the impression of the film on me at all.

I've mostly just been writing. Or trying to. I think - unless I'm struck with something that I can't help but write - that I'll just stop writing fanfic, because as elitist as I am, I'm tired of the reviews I keep getting. I know, I know, critics, no need to give me the lecture, but I doubt myself enough that I paralyze my writing ability, and all that does is help my insecurity.

Heaven knows if I can escape fandom, I should try.

Hm. I guess I'll see at least you at Baccalaureate, unless you're not required, I don't remember the rules. Oh, right, and our dear virtuous Eucharistic minister.

Hm. It's good to be back.
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Hey you.

I curse the fact that I have a show on sunday and thus, cannot make it to graduation. BUT! I am so very proud of you, sweetie. :D And I really really REALLY want to find a way to hang out with you this summer--my lack of transportation notwithstanding.

I feel so bad that we totally lost contact this year. we should get together sometime this summer. call my cell (262)389-5756
so i forgot about movie night earlier today/yesturday, whatever. you still have a book of mine, darn loss of contact. many good times missed, but yea college!
*hugs* Hey you!! Isn't it exciting to be graduating and through with the madatory schooling? lol! We haven't talked in forever! I hope you keep your promise in hanging out on LJ more often! Maybe one day you me and Lizzie can get together, since she lacks in transportation, but I don't... o_O;;
OMG! I love you! LOL. You better tell your mom about the party! It won't be my birthday without you. Seriously, you, Kyle, and Cathy have come to all three of my birthday parties thus far and damn it, I want an even four! Love you always.